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Sheikh Hasina (Bangladesh)-The worst Dictator in History

Top Tens site rank top ten worst dictators in History. S7128_1heikh Hasina got the first place. May be the ranking is funny but the feedback comment is really true . Click for main post .
Please read the comment about the Dictator

Killing general people every day-every week. Thousands of ordinary people have died since the regime of Autocrat Sheikh Hasina. Wounded millions. She started to kill all her opposition with her force. Bangladesh is experiencing the worst situation ever in it’s history.

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Even in 1971, Awami League wasn’t stating it wanted independence: Srinath Raghavan

With elections approaching amidst violence, Bangladesh’s future looks uncertain. Some of this is rooted in a past marked by enduring clashes. Srinath Raghavan , senior fellow at the Centre for Policy Research and senior research fellow at King’s College, London, spoke with Ashish Yechury about why Bangladesh’s creation was a global affair, influences shaping this — and how even Israel apparently got involved:

Your book is called 1971: A Global History of the Crea-tion of Bangladesh — why global?

Well, the creation of Bangladesh is generally seen as a subcontinental affair; in default mode, it’s seen as the second partition. This seems to me a very narrow view. It doesn’t take into account a wider international context in which this happened and which decisively shaped the outcome. This was a global event — participants themselves thought they had to secure global support. In a sense, the struggle on the ground was matched by a struggle for global opinion. That’s central in understanding these events.

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