Sheikh Hasina (Bangladesh)-The worst Dictator in History

Top Tens site rank top ten worst dictators in History. S7128_1heikh Hasina got the first place. May be the ranking is funny but the feedback comment is really true . Click for main post .
Please read the comment about the Dictator

Killing general people every day-every week. Thousands of ordinary people have died since the regime of Autocrat Sheikh Hasina. Wounded millions. She started to kill all her opposition with her force. Bangladesh is experiencing the worst situation ever in it’s history.

The worst ever prime minister in the history of Bangladesh.
Killing Innocent peoples overnights.


Worst PM talks blasphemy lies to International media.
Hates Religious country men and is Obsessed with her own revenge rather then developing her country

The worst dictators placed before Hasina were not democratically elected and did not talk so much about democracy. Hasina is the first democratically elected emerged as a dictator. She is the only dictator who has millions words to establish democeacy. Forget about her 35 years political career. She killed thousands, kidnapped and disappeared including a former MP for their political stand against her dictatorship in her last five years. She is also only leader who has been declared the next priminister for the next five years before the election of 05 january 2014

She is a human bloodsucker.
She is the worst dictator living in the world right now. She doesn’t have the means like Hitler or Stalin, otherwise she would have wiped out her opponents just like them. She has killed over 50,000 people in 10 years of her administration…
I don’t want to state any number that how many were killed by this women because different sources are stating different numbers. However I myself came to know about some cases from the prime sources that the Awami thugs and police jointly killed many people which was never appear in the news. I know at least five people were killed whom I used to know personally. She is a dictator with no doubt.
She has a ruthless mind. For her thirst for blood, She was declared ‘Wrong-Headed’ by the country’s High court. She is responsible for death of thousand opposition figure.
In our country we called her “Lady Hitler” The number 1 Dictator
Her main aim is to create anarchy in the country. Killing and detaining civilians and oppositions are main strategies to hold power.
She turned Bangladesh from a democracy into one party dictatorial rule by force. She made more than 1000 opposition leaders “disappeared”. Killed thousands of innocent protestors in one night. Arrested all top opposition leaders, hanged them.
Sheikh Hasina is killer a woman of freedom country of Bangladesh… She is not only killer But also kiddnapper of Bangladesh!
Sheikh hasina is following her father’s footstep to be an autocratic ruler. She is a greedy corrupt woman, a constant liar and a revengeful vicious person.
She is the worst ruler in Bangladesh we’ve ever seen…
She is the only lady dictator in the world. She has killed thousands, tortured hundred of thousands, her cronies looted billions of dollars.
She is the leader, who ordered her followers to kill ten people in revenge, if any of her man down. She sacked Noble peace prize winner Dr. Younus from his institute as he seemed to be a barrier to her vengeance. In last five years the killing caused by her supporters and police reached to five figures. She also let free the convicted murderer named ‘Biplob’ and so many others, so that they can work for her.
SK Hasina is always pushing our nation on an up coming civil war. Her party AL try to rule this country forever & for this reason she kills thousands of opposite party members & civilian. I think she is the worst autocrat in this modern civilization.
Opens fire on unarmed civilians who assembles to express their grievances, cronyism to the extreme, looting of the banks to the extreme that it would take the largest bank more than 300 (three hundred) years to recoup the lost money, travels overseas with an extra large entourage… I can go on and on…
Everything that an independent nation possesses – ranging from the media to the security forces – are being used to her advantage. From army officers to grass root level villagers, none have been spared.
She used the police and other forces to down the opposition, as a result every day political leaders, Islamist and even many general people are killed.
She is now act like president Bashar al-Assad.
She should be assumed as lady Hitler!
May be the only existing lady dictator in the present world. And the most ferocious killer among the contemporary dictators
She should in number one… Killing people of Bangladesh mercilessly. Anyone speaks against the Hasina regime, is either arrested, or tortured, or abducted and then killed.
Hasina was very brutal from the very beginning of her current tenure to destroy any sort of opposition she may face in her way to hold the power. She knew there is one force – the army – which can challenge her power. So, she killed 57 top army officials through a plot and later publicized it as mutiny. From then on she suppressed all sorts of opposition by various means ranging from shutting down opposition party office to firing bullets to opposition procession. Any opposition party protest was responded by real bullets, as tear gas or rubber bullets are pretty old school to her. This year, on May 5, She killed hundreds of activists of Hefazat-e-Islami, an Islamist group who marched to capital and made some demand for change in constitution. She killed lots of opposition party leaders and activists by enforced disappearance and extrajudicial killing. She changed the constitution so that she can rig the election to perpetuate her power. Thousands of opposition activists and general people killed in this year due to her blood-thirsty attitude to stay in power. Two thousand people died in building collapse of a garment factory, run by one of her party’s leader, just because that leader forced the workers to go the factory even knowing there is crack in the building. After the building collapse, Hasina even denied to take advanced equipment from UK which were necessary for rescue mission and could have saved hundreds of lives. Now she is moving towards to establish her one party government.
She is greedy, power hungry and a crazy person. She lies to cover up another lie. He creates disaster to hide her other disasters. Our lives mean nothing to her. She has killed so many innocent people that I lost count. If it was upto me I would bomb the entire Bangladesh just to get rid of her once and for all. There are countless children who lost their parents cause they were brave enough to stand up to her and show her real face to the rest of Bangladesh. She has no respect of someone’s life or religion. The heck she has no respect for her own country, if she did she wouldn’t be such a leech and take poor peoples hard earned money to buy herself body guards and swats from India. The members in her party got richer by 600% of the wealth they started with. At least that’s what they declared themselves. Imagine the about what they didn’t declare.
I wish I could write a letter I USA or China or Russia to destroy Bangladesh and everyone in here, including me and my family. Cause we are dying a slow painful death anyways.
I wish her mum had a miscarriage when she was pregnant with hasina.

She should be the most hypocrite democratic dictator all over the world in history. I believe she never came to rule this country but only to take vengeance of killing her father. Every time she arrives the throne, innocent dies. By the authority of that butcher, freedom of speech found nowhere. She blocked Facebook, Banned electronic and press media as well a media coup she has done never seen by any country before. She is going to fulfill the dream of her father “BAKSHAL”. Everything is possible because of a dumb and idiot opposition leader, who actually has no capability of doing politics. In fact not this opposition only, there is not any strong leader in this country who has potential to threat this ruthless, hatred, butcher dictator going behind. Bangladeshi people really got a terrific bad luck having this kind of situation and a …See More
She is shameless lier and also murderer. Like all Killer dictator she have large number of stupid-mad and blood hungry human-pet. She also have large number blood hungry law-enforcement officer form her district (all top spot and maximum middle officer spot are in there hand, actuality Bangladesh have 65 district but all top spot fill by her district) many neutral and opposition supporter officer are neutralized and fire also killed. Even many judges are shamelessly support her and help her to do her propaganda (they set up a system that’s allow her own people became judges, sadly head-judge too). This is very shameful that there is a portion of intellectual are support her because of there own goods.
She kept the opposition leader as home arrested without any reason. Just doing what she wants and does not care about what people want at all.She has successfully appointed her party workers as police and government official in all posts and now using the police and other forces at her will, she is killing opposition protesters like bird. She orders for killing by herself.

She has an excellent skill of lying. She is cunning enough to propagate her lie through the media. All T.V. channels are bought by her party men and she banned the newspaper which usually criticize government works.

In my opinion, she is actually worst than Hitler.

Sheikh Hasina is also called as ‘The Lady Hitler’ as well as ‘The Sheikh Hayena’. The cold headed killer and the greatest lier in the history. She came into politics, according to the statement of a BBC journalist- she declared ‘just to take revenge of her father’s killing. ‘ She was brought up in India and her love & affection naturally goes towards India. People of Bangladesh mostly assuming that she has been trying to unite a sovereign country like Bangladesh with India and using all the state forces as her hitlerly political agenda. Everyday her forces killing political opponents just fulfil her wish to take revenge on her own people and the country’s interests going to occupied by India from all aspects.
Shekh Hasina is the worse of all dictator because, she is slaughtering man, women and children in 21st century. she is doing it in front of every body. whole world can see that. the US, UK, German, French, China, every one knows she is killing opposition leaders and destroying their houses but they can’t stope them! All the dictators been named on top did their dictatorship when there was not much media and they killed people and no one knew about it. but when Hasina killing opposition leaders and their families in front of media and every one knows that. she kills any one who opposes her, questions her work, think different then her. even being very famous is a crime in Bangladesh now as Dr. Ynush having problem now even though he did not do any harm to her, his fault is he is getting famous and he might exceed her father shekh mujibs reputation! Now you can imagine what kind of dictator I am talking about. finally she is still ruling Bangladesh which is the worse. If she was not removed soon then there will be many more lives killed by her forces!

She killed thousands of unarmed protesters on 05.05.2013 midnight removing media and removed the bodies using waste carrying trucks of City corporation covered in plastic and then crushed the dead bodies in industrial plants and disposed the crushed dead bodies in sewerage lines near the Buriganga river. Thousands of opposition leaders and workers mysteriously disappeared during her rule, not to be found again. She used thousands of drug addicts and prostitutes to ransack the Supreme Court of Bangladesh and to beat the Lawyers and Journalists on 29.12.2013 and 30.12.2013. These are just two of her deeds.
A blood sucker. Change the constitution illegally to stay in her regime. Kill the top most patriotic & intellectual Army officers. Demolish the Brave Border security force. She posted her obedient personals in the vital post and Grab the govt security force, lawyers, media, journos, each and every sectors. Mascaraing to the religious personals, opposition activists-leaders. She mainly works as a chief RAW agent in Bangladesh to make Bangladesh an Indian colony. Now the world know her as #Lady Hitler.
She is one of the worst dictator in the modern civilization. she killed thousands of innocent people and opposition activist in just one year. She banned all opposition news papers and T.V. media. Recently her political party activist attacked journalist, supreme court lawyers, and university teachers in front of her police force when they wanted to protest against her. The whole country has become a custody in this brutal regime. People really want to get rid of this new hitler of Bangladesh
+36I think she is the only woman dictator, who killed thousands of innocent people without any cause. Just to the sake of India she sell all the business of Bangladesh (including Garments, jute, paper etc.). When she came Bangladesh after liberation war she said “i came here not to do politics, but to get revenge of the murder of my father” such a fascist leader is leading now the most terrorist student movement party called Chatra league.
+13She is the only president in the history of Bangladesh who by force/anarchy is ruling our country even after the time of her government is expired. She is creating artificial issues like Islamist terror and liberation war for staying in power illegally. All these issues are important for Bangladeshi people but you have to do these in a democratic way that is, you can go ahead with these sensitive issues by being elected by the people of Bangladesh once again. What she is doing now is killing people (in her expire time) for the justice of the liberation war criminals. Which means she is doing another big crime in the history of Bangladesh for punishing the war criminals. I voted her as one the worst dictators in the world b/c I understand that she has no honest intention to go for the punishment of the war criminals or salvaging the …See More
+34Worst of all time. Even Hitler had some patriotism for his own country and thus he invaded other country. But this lady is killing people for India’s benefit. She has given transit to India without getting any benefit from them, planning to rent internet bandwidth whereas Bangladesh doesn’t have enough for it’s own people and much more.
+23Hasina is not only killer of people but also killer of democracy. she wants what she wants. For her won interest she amended constitution. The care taker government which was include in the constitution for fair national election she herself remove it from constitution. because care taker government is institution to held a fair election. so she realized in the fair election she will not be won because lots of corruption, murder & terrorism is established by her government in the last 5 years. right now she killing opposition to grab power. I think this 100% right to call her a dictator. we named her Lady Hitler.
+24She killed the democracy in Bangladesh as her father did before. There are no human rights, no fundamental rights, no democratic rights. In the name of Independence she is doing all undemocratic activities, which is against the spirit of our Independence. Bangladesh is a raising star in world economy, she just closing all the doors to become a great economic power in the world. No one can say anything against her and her party. She just divided the nation and a divided nation can’t go further. Lot of issues I can say but really tired to say anything more. We just want peace.
+29Like father like daughter.. Only thing she wants is holding power.. Came to the chair from back-door supported by some army personnels. Using security forces as her party cadres killed hundreds of peoples all over the country. She and her party was behind the killings of 57 army officers in BDR mutiny. all opposition parties are underground now. they are not allowed for any kind of meeting, party offices are shut down. There is no free media, some of them are closed by force. She is now a leader of a fascist regime..
+26Sheikh Hasina is ruling Bangladesh after his tenure has ended and is not interested to arrange a fair election. the people of Bangladesh are dying everyday, police is firing the protesters and more than 500 people have been killed in 2013 by the government forces. all the political leaders are arrested including the main opposition leader. Media is fully controlled by this Hasina government and India is supporting Hasina government.
+29Those who didn’t see Hitler but only heard about him are requested to follow the ruling style of Sheikh Hasina. I guarantee you that you will find the lady version of Hitler in Hasina. She killed more than 2500 people in just half an hour by her police force, killed 57 army officers allegedly with Indian RAW, killed over 500 opposition party’s supporters/leaders…
+18Hasina is a cool headed killer. By nature she has no acceptance to hear from the opponents. She politicised each and every organisation in Bangladesh including the patriotic armed forces. India and it’s raw are helping and encouraging the killer Hasina for their own interest. Almost all electronic and printing media are captured by her party and others are tortured or banned. In reality now there is no opponent independence in Bangladesh. She restricted all the movement including the opponent chief Madam Zia. We afraid in near future when her regime will fall she may called upon Indian army to take over and leave the country. But by that time Bangladesh will proved as a failed state and go back 40 years before.
+24The lives of the people of Bangladesh become very cheap during Hasina’s reign. She started a new culture where Police can fire bullet (not rubber bullet) to its own people without any hesitation. Now, Police can kill 100 human lives a day which is unprecedented in our country. In our previous history, a government would fall even if Police killed a few number of people. Also, she has started another culture of extra-judicial killing. Now, Police can people any people, and name that people belonging to “Jamat Islam”. Then, nobody in the government will care about that killing.
+26She came into power to take revenge of her fathers killing. In her mind the whole nation is responsible for the coup in which her father and some other family members killed. She only recruit very ferocious and loyal people in the police force who can kill any people who oppose her. She also patronize and promote very ferocious people in her party.
+24She committed genocide killed 157 in one day in broad day light and continued killing opposition, she established judicial kill syndicate and operating para millinery in the name of political party. Very importantly she opened up state resources for the benefit of other state and can’t tolerate different opinion at all.
+28I think Hasina is not a democratic politician. She doesn’t like to follow democratic ways, she just uses it to grip the power and then he turns on his Dictator Character. Stop her otherwise she will stop our human rights!
+15She maybe the living worst dictator of the World. She is like a blood sucker killing thousands of innumerable innocent folks silently and as well as before day light. She is the worst woman in the present world. Her own relative is a war criminal but she is busy in judging opposition party’s war criminal (controversial war crime tribunal) though her Defense Minister is also war criminal. She probably the worst woman of all time.
No one knows how many people she killed in her life. She is also the most corrupted person in the history.
+20Her father Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the first president of Bangladesh was responsible for 45000 political murder of opposition party; mainly socialist from the time span of 1971-1975. Due to his Pro-Indian policy, a large quantity of food had been trafficked in India neglecting the people’s demand of Bangladeshi people… Due to which more than 1 million people died in famine… When people were pushed to limit due to his tyranny; some patriots of the country assassinated him. No wonder that her daughter is currently following his foot-step…
+9A completely deranged animal who is letting personal and historical discrepancies meddle in modern day politics and not allowing a country to move forward. Bangladesh will remain a backward, socially inept third world country with her in charge. If one studies the history of Bangladesh they will discover many learned men and women hailed from this land and were pioneers in their field. From poets to movie directors, Bangladesh has a proud history. This is all being tarnished under this deranged crazy psychopath. Hopefully history will testify she meets a horrific and brutal end similar to that of Colonel Gaddafi. Hope she burns in the bottom pit of hell!
Hasina holds the power illegally and arranges a one party so so called election on 5th January which is illegal according to Constitution. she is killing oppositions leaders and supporters everyday. she already killed about 2500 innocent protesters on 5th of may’13, she killed 170 protesters and in feb’13 and lots. she still killing. she made the country as a HELL for the people. She arrested thousands of opposition leaders and supporters and tortures them in to the prison. the nation want to quit her by a fair election but she shut that way as well. so the nation now seek the help and support of international forum. please come forward to rescue our peaceful people from the harm and torture of Hasina The world worst evil and corrupt Dictator.

+19I do not know about how many lives she have taken in last five years of her power but recent events have shown that she is not a democratic politician… She is worse then the worse Dictators Bangladesh have ever seen and believe me Bangladesh have seen some bad ass Dictators from the Pakistan period… So my Vote goes to Sheikh Hasina.
+17She called the entrapped garment workers of collapsed building ‘Rana plaza’ thieves. Did as little as possible to rescue them which lead to death of 1135 people so far known to the media. Her ministers called it was not an important matter. Others have already mentioned about her direct killings and oppression of anyone else who dare to state different opinion.

+5It was her father who started this dictatorship. When he died not even a single person cried in Bangladesh instead they distributed sweets. Her ministers ( hasanul haq inu ) and so on were dancing like mad out of pleasure in the death of her father. She is playing the same dirty game with the support of some corrupt and mentally disabled ministers and all set administration. However, the reality won’t change. She also has to pay the price just like her father did, when he elected 26 members of parlament without any contest in 1972 and this time round the figure went up to 156. I guess the cruelty of her death will be more worse then her father because she crossed all the limit of dictatorship and deception. He is the biggest lier in the whole universe. A solid prove of this statement can easily be found on the interview taken by CNN. Now it’s about time the world see another cruel end of dictatorship and smile.

+12Sheikh Hasina is the worst prime minister ever in the History of World politics. She is a Judicial Killer. She is using judicial system of Bangladesh to prevent the raise of her opposition. Freedom of choice, Freedom of voice, Freedom of vote is plundered in her hand. She is following her father’s footstep to be an autocratic ruler. She is a greedy corrupt woman, a constant liar and a revengeful vicious person. she killed thousands of innocent people and opposition activist in just one year. She banned all opposition news papers and T.V. media. Recently her political party (Bangladesh Awami League) activist attacked journalist, supreme court lawyers, and university teachers in front of her police force when they wanted to protest against her. The whole country has become a custody in this brutal regime. No one is secured in country now.
+30Though Bangladesh was about to establish as a democratic country but in 2008 when Sheikh Hasina took over the power, she started to establish Bangladesh as an Autocratic country like his father did in 1974 which was called ‘BAKSAL’ and now in our country has given a new name to this situation. It is called Digital Baksal. All the Govt. institution has been following her autocracy started from Police, RAB, BGB, Intelligence, Anti Corruption cell everything. No one has been able speak a single word against this Govt. and whoever stood up to protest against any issue, has been arresting without any kind of arrest warrant. Situation is very critical now and Sheikh Hasina is making situation worse by giving an election where 154 seats have already been uncontestant out of 300 seats.
+19This Lady is ruler over last 40yrs of Bangladesh. She is killing general and opposition leaders and workers everyday. Early of her ruling time she killed her own 60 Army officer after that she killed 200 opposition leaders and workers within 3 days then she killed more than thousand (2500) people at one night and disposed dad body. Still she is killing civilian throughout the country. This lady is harmful for humanity.
+23That’s a very accurate opinion you have given on her. She has killed the Muslims more than 2500 in one night she is breaking Hindu temples and saying that opposition did it.. Her greed for power is destroying the whole Bangladesh.. We r suffering because of her.. Thanks for the selection
+12Sheikh Hasina is the illicit Prime Minister of Bangladesh. She is more ferocious than the animal of the forest. She is known as Lady Hitler. In 1975 her Father killed the Democracy in Bangladesh & Now she is also killing democracy. Lady Hitler already killed more than 3000 people of opponent parties. She declared war against the people of her own country. She is now the most hatred person in Bangladesh.
+15The worst dictator in Bangladesh history, and possibly in the history of the world. Deals ruthlessly and fiercely with anyone opposing the government. Compromised the country’s judicial system by appointing judges sympathetic to the ruling party including the supreme court and destroyed the one last hope for citizens to seek justice and fairness. Spreading lies and propaganda through govt. controlled media and journalists.
+16Here are some of the words that best describes Sheikh Hasina (Source: all leading news paper of Bangladesh published during the year 2010-2013): Master of ethnic cleansing and racial and religious hatred, abuse of power, Autocrat, Mass and systematic murder, Xenophobe and silent killer of Democracy.
+19She is the killer of her opposition parties politicians and supporters. She is the technical killer and she can do everything to keep the power in her hand. In 2013, she killed more than 5000 people in Bangladesh. We Bangladeshi people hate her very much and we want her to go India. This is Bangladesh and this country people want peace. Not war!
+12From colossal economic damage through unprecedented irregularities and corruption was followed by her indiscriminate killing spree of orphaned religious people who were protesting against her draconian laws. Some 10000 people were killed that night and none of the media had the audacity to report the crime, in fear of retribution from the ruling party terrorist.
+152500 unarmed people killed in 10 minute 5 may 2013, it’s horrible history of us, those man was totally unarmed. she also ferocious killer then hitler. she wanted make my country as colony of India. her cabinet of the corrupted cabinet in this country as well as world. there is no court no law. have only one law that is hasina’s law.
+15Almost every day she killed general people and opposition party supporter and also arrest the topped leader of opposition party. she just hanging the Islamist and the opposition leader in a domestic tribunal in the name of International War Crime tribunal to ensure her power over all Bangladesh and there are many of evil things that she done to destroy the democracy of Bangladesh.
+23Hasina is the most brutal, cruel & cracked murderer of the world. Over the last five years, during her ruling she brutally killed thousands of opposition workers and even general protesters. She can’t even tolerate any media or person talking against her. She converted the law & order system of the country as her slave. Judicial & extra judicial killing, abduction, making disappeared were very much casual phenomenon during the tenure of her ruling. She had several illegally armed co-organization (chatrolig hambalig kuttalig etc) in addition to law enforcing agency (police rab BGB) to promote the killing mission. In a word she is the most notorious killer and dictator.
+8Worst dictator ever seen in 20th century. Has done few good jobs in the society but it became completely hidden because of mass violation and killing people. I used to support her team but not anymore. Can’t support someone who destroy and sell their own country to another country because of money or whatever. I must say one thing she’s very clever politician and knows how handle and cheat people by making non-stage drama.
+15She is worse than hitler! Last 5 years she killed more than 30000 innocent people. The people of Bangladesh known her as a killer of democracy. There is no freedom of justice exist right now. She should ranked as number 1 dictator in the world.
+12She is not only dictator – she is a killer – she enjoy killing peoples. She is working for India – and try to handover Bangladesh to Indian Government – therefore she started employing Indian Citizen to the top position of her administration – for example Information adviser.
+1It’s unjust to home arrest the opposition leader before a protest. It’s unjust to try to send another party leader to Singapore forecefully and ally with rest of the members to act as a opposition party in election in absence of the main opposition. It’s unjust to send the Head of news of a T.V. channel to america as he was bashing the ruling party members with facts & figures during talk shows. It’s unjust to be boldly stupid in front of local & international media assuming people will lend ear as they willingly did to his father. it’s unjust as she cannot hold all the top ten places of worst dictators. ? ¿ It’s unjust how she is aroused to just doing it despite it is unjust.
+5She is leader of a fascist party. While she was prime minister previously she once urged her party cadres to murder 10 members of an opposition party for each one of her own party members who were gunned down, as it turned out by a rival gang within her own party! She is a ruthless person and a disgrace to her nation. She has committed numerous crimes against humanity and continues to do so without mercy. She must face justice soon for her crimes.
+14She is sick mentally. She doesn’t tolerate the opposition and opposition’s opinion. She is a cruel and ferocious killer. During last 11 months, at least 5000 innocent people has been died in several genocides directed by her.
+13She just destroy our country. She makes the politics very rude for her opponent. If any one does not support her he/she will be treated as anti liberation forces. Moreover she has killed so many Muslims leaders & oppositions leader.
See more comment go to the main site.Peoples of Bangladesh consider her as a agent of India.





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